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Shenzhen XingDongXin Technology Co., Ltd, located in the town of shenzhen baoan district Shiyan. Shenzhen is China's reform and opening up the forefront of special economic zone, at the same time, the town of shenzhen rock is the world's largest LED research and development center and production base! The company was founded in 2013, registered capital of 5 million yuan, now the production workshop covers an area of more than 2000 square meters; Company also has a full range of packaging machines and SMT production lines, as well as a number of employees have good welding technology, work conscientiously, to ensure the quality of every product shipped.

Company since its inception, has been committed to the research and development and sales of LED lights with all, is a professional advertising engineering, light boxes, car lighting, wheelbarrow, lighting lighting, indoor and outdoor decorative lighting, building outline, amusement facilities etc as the main service purpose of high-tech co., LTD. Company set research and development, production, sales as one, product variety, quality assurance, affordable.

Company after more than three years of efforts and development, already has a certain size and strength, now has a group of skilled technical services, research and development and production team, with excellent service quality, professional and comprehensive technical service strength, for different groups of users to provide higher quality service to enjoy. Company from its inception less than 500 square meters, after three years of hard work, to the present large companies of a certain scale, has become the whole of China's largest vaguely LED lights with all manufacturers, is also the only specialized high-paying technology enterprise is given priority to with all the lights with! Company since its establishment, has been committed to the LED lights all of the research and development and sales, single-minded in their products, fine fine grinding, seriously each product, each belt of light, each IC and each lamp beads, capacitance resistance.

Company has been to become the world's largest the most professional LED lights all the manufacturers as the goal, for the purpose of service each customer, the service concept in the first place, from the market and customer to discuss the direction and trend of products to help customers planning, market promotion, help customers to design products, help customers deal with production and application of anomalies, we accumulated rich experience. To constantly meet and exceed customer demand, deepening the customer with professional team and the market, timely analyze and judge the need of customer product upgrades and future trend of the market, constantly develop innovative products to create value for our customers.

At the beginning of the company will be the new product research and development a priority. Company's products from the original single LED all external IC lights (three lamp control) sales, LED to the built-in IC all lights (one light control), a major breakthrough; Article from the original single linear light, then the S type lamp; From the original 10 mm wide light band, to 8 mm / 5 mm/now 12 mm / 20 mm... Wide light band, one by one. Let the customer in terms of use, more convenient, the effect of making more precise, gorgeous colorful, favored by the majority of customers! Now LED lights with all products of the company, there are multiple series, all kinds of IC light band, variety complete, covering many fields!

Company after years of operation, now has a perfect production and sales system, some products have passed CE, 3 c, UL certification, products are exported to Europe, America, southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions. My company with many Courier companies and logistics companies have a long-term cooperation, to ensure that the customer required from other provinces, province safety and time of arrival of the product.

Companies continue to play their own research and development, technology, logistics, human resources advantages, to provide customers with first-class products, all aspects of the service, perfect technical support, for customers to establish a global strategic cooperative relations.

Shenzhen XingDongXin Technology Co., Ltd, sincerely for your service, welcome new and old customers to negotiate!