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Light Box
Light Box
LED advertising light box constantly flashing stay, effectively improve the people's visual impact; Raise the utilization rate of per unit area of advertising, the box and transformation, and like the

The LED light box light source

1, energy conservation and environmental protection

LED light source of the energy conversion efficiency is very high, incandescent light bulbs, can achieve 10% of energy consumption in theory, compared the LED fluorescent lamp also can reach 50% of the energy saving effect. Is 75 lm/W LED lighting is the same brightness of incandescent lamp power consumption by around 80%, energy-saving effect is remarkable.

2, long service life

Normally use the LED, the light failure can be reduced to 70% of the nominal life is 100000 hours, to reduce the frequency of replacement and other maintenance work.

3, pure light color

As a result of the typical LED spectral range is narrow, unlike incandescent bulbs, which have full spectrum. Therefore, the LED can diversify and tie-in combination, especially suitable for decoration, etc.

4, moisture, shock resistant

Due to the outside of the LED is used more epoxy resin to protect, so the sealing performance and impact resistant performance are good, not easy to damage. It can be used in the underwater lighting.

: 5, flexible shape size and architecture of organic integration, achieve the result that didn't see the lights for the light;

6, environmental protection:

No harmful metallic mercury, no infrared and ultraviolet radiation. Characteristics and compared with other light source of LED high power LED is referred to as the "green light".

7, many changes

LED light source available red, green, blue three colors principle, in under the control of computer technology make the three colors gray level 256 and arbitrary mix, which can produce 256 x 256 x 256 = 256 kinds of color, form different combinations of light color changing, realize the dynamic change of rich and colorful effects and all kinds of images.

8, advanced technology

Compared with the traditional monotonous lighting effect, the LED light source is low pressure microelectronic products. It successfully combines the computer technology, network communication technology, image processing technology, embedded control technology, etc., so also is the digital information technology products, is a semiconductor photoelectric device "high point" technology, the online programming, unlimited upgrade, the characteristics of flexible.

9, other advantages:

Low quantity of heat, miniaturization, short response time, etc., all of these make the LED light source has great advantage, as used in the actual production and life have created favorable conditions.