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Indoor And Outdoor Lighting
Indoor And Outdoor Lighting
Indoor lighting advantages

LED home light illumination with high luminous efficiency, energy saving, long service life, maintenance free, high safety and reliability, and green environmental protection, etc.

LED home light is suitable for indoor decoration lighting. But when choosing LED light should be paid attention to:

1, not the brighter the more beautiful the better, we should pay attention to safety. Should choose high protection grade, structural, and low color temperature of lamps and lanterns. A lamp including the lamps and lanterns and light source, the lamps and lanterns to ensure the safety of the use, such as light-emitting diodes (leds) starting power is very important, to ensure the integrity of the sporadic; Light source to have good light, the light brightness and color temperature to meet the standard requirements, such as writing lamp should have low color temperature and high color rendering index, reducing BenSeDiao; High frequency modulation to pay close attention to its degree of stroboscopic, because security is controlled by national mandatory standard, and the optical properties such as power, the light brightness is determined by the manufacturer to; Leds more should consider is blue.

2, low color temperature of the LED light can slant green light out partial red, too high can slant blue, is not suitable for indoor lighting. So indoor lighting for LED lamp color temperature is a very important parameter. Defined color temperature LED in the 2700 k to 4000 k for warm color, 4000 k to 5000 k for natural white and 5000 k to 6700 k is for white, warm white and natural white can give a person a kind of warm warm, warm feeling, suitable for use in the hotel, hotel, and bedroom. And is white gives a person feel cool and refreshing frank, used in the office, living room lighting

LED lamps and lanterns of advantages: 1, LED lamps and lanterns of high efficiency and energy saving: only a few degrees electric consumption one thousand hours (average 60 w incandescent seventeen hours 1 KWH, general 10 w energy-saving lamps one hundred hours 1 KWH) consumption, long life LED lamps and lanterns: semiconductor chips, no filament, no glass bulb, not afraid of vibration, invulnerability to breakage and service life of up to fifty thousand hours (ordinary incandescent lamp only one thousand hours service life, the service life of the ordinary energy-saving lamps, only eight thousand hours) 3, LED lamps and lanterns of health: no ultraviolet and infrared light, the light health does not produce radiation (normal lighting line contains ultraviolet and infrared) 4, LED lamps and lanterns of green environmental protection: do not contain harmful elements such as mercury and xenon, recycling and, and won't produce electromagnetic interference (ordinary lamp contains the elements, such as mercury and lead in electronic ballast of energy-saving lamps will produce electromagnetic interference) 5, LED lamps and lanterns protect vision: dc drive, no stroboscopic, ordinary light is ac drives, is bound to produce stroboscopic) 6, LED lamps and lanterns of high light efficiency: fever, 90% of the electricity converted into visible light (ordinary incandescent bulbs 80% of electrical energy into heat energy, only 20% of electrical energy into light energy) 7, LED lamps and lanterns of high safety coefficient, the voltage and current is small, heat is small, do not produce safe hidden trouble, 8 in mines and other dangerous places, LED lamps and lanterns of large market potential, low voltage, dc power supply, battery, solar power, in the remote mountainous areas and outdoor lighting and other places of power shortage, less electricity.