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lighting Lighting
lighting Lighting
LED lighting engineering solutions

LED designs city-lighting also called city bright project, it is to point to to the urban environment, improve the overall image of the city, and for shopping malls, tourist scenic spots, the streets more than traffic lights brighten.

Our country has existed since ancient times the custom of view lamp to admire the view, the Lantern Festival held view lamp assembly, hanging at the meeting all kinds of lights, bright lights. Now people can't help but also in the day of festival, festival, decorating express joy. Light culture is in the environment of the peaceful country and safe people, improved people physical life, the spiritual and cultural life show higher requirements. Looking back the development of city and architecture history, we can clearly see that light technology and light culture with urban and architecture synchronous development forward footprint, also see lighting lighting technology progress of urban and architecture and how important the role of the modern city life. With the development of economy and the improvement of living standards of human hair, our country city night view lighting enterprise in a short span of ten years has been rapid development, and has made brilliant achievements.

In recent years, the city government has attached great importance to designs city-lighting work, designs city-lighting construction of different level, designs city-lighting project construction as the important measures to improve and beautify the urban environment. Make the city bright, beautiful, has become the consensus of leaders at all levels and the social from all walks of life. At present, our country designs city-lighting project under governments at all levels and the attention of the leadership, obtained the unprecedented development. City night view lighting, high starting point, large scale and progress quickly. In development process, designs city-lighting project, each city has accumulated many experiences.

1. Around the government attaches great importance to the leadership attaches great importance to the leadership is the key to do a good job of the surroundings. A lot of the city's main leadership by theirselves designs city-lighting project construction, and put the work in the city of work plan. From organizational arrange the specialist is responsible for, and set up specialized agencies, such as "do" surroundings, "glorious to do", vigorously implement the "light engineering" and "rope" night view lighting project, emerged a large number of excellent lighting project. Various departments cooperate with and public participation is the basis of working surroundings. Between organizations, coordinate various departments, various units to cooperate, it is very important to actively mobilize the whole people to participate in.

2. According to the city's own characteristics, to develop a high starting point, high standard, high level of overall designs city-lighting project development planning. Designs city-lighting project should reflect urban art, cultural characteristics. The stand or fall of a city night scene lighting, the key is must first have a good overall plan. Such as shenyang in designs city-lighting project construction, the construction of landscape lighting planning and construction, according to city localization plan into the overall planning and local planning. Features and function orientation is consistent. Shanghai, dalian, tianjin, chongqing, shenzhen and other cities of designs city-lighting project, with more rigorous scientific planning, the whole designs city-lighting project focused, sharp features, better shows the function and characteristic of each city and historical connotation of the diploma.

3. Designs city-lighting project has from pure pursuit of "brightness" to pursue bright, bright art direction of scientific development. Not just to make the city bright, also make the city, more than the night view lighting project. Gradually realized from the lighting to the image and the artistic direction of lighting at night, be night view lighting.

4. A technical and management measures. Organizationally, cities have set up special organizations and personnel to manage the job, by the relevant professional technical technical departments and personnel work surroundings expert group, designs city-lighting project design, construction, commissioning, test and control.

5. Attaches great importance to the construction and management of designs city-lighting project. Management to keep running, and designs city-lighting project facilities lighting effect is very important. In the process of designs city-lighting project construction management, many cities established many related rules and regulations.