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Highlight LED lamp belt became the nods eyeball pen of household soft adornment

Issuing time:2019-11-15 00:00

In recent years, with the development of decoration industry, the family is decorated become more personalized, details, attention gradually from the traditional hard outfit to soft outfit, highlighting the led lamp belt also became the nods eyeball pen of soft adornment.

Walk in each big decoration materials market, there's plenty lighting stores, visit found that along with the advance of modern lighting technology, new material, new craft, new technology is widely used, and the in-depth study of the various lighting principle and use environment, breaking the previous simple lighting and lighting environment of traditional philosophy, have greatly enriched the expressive force of modern lamps and lanterns, lamp decoration lighting environment and landscaping. Using computer-aided design, through to the places of lighting brightness, light distribution curve, the function, structure, design of lamps and lanterns, the lamps and lanterns in meet the practical needs and maximize light effect under the premise of, pay more attention to decorative aesthetic appearance modelling of lamps and lanterns, lighting design is more abundant, adornment effect more character, more mainstream energy-efficient.

It is understood that sells on the market of lighting, increasingly prefer long lamp. It is rural style, rich style, classical style, etc., to meet the needs of different people. Although the lamp holder is much, but because the LED lamp, energy saving effect is good, the intensity of illumination is good also, favored by many consumers. Leds have long service life, is not easy to bad and energy saving, 1 to 3 watts can satisfy a room lighting. Some light also can install energy-saving light bulbs.

Long lights beautiful fashion, but speaking of clean job, still make a lot of people off. Citizens wang took a fancy to a fancy lamp of droplight, refined aesthetic shape, the bent branches and delicate flower heads, let her fondle admiringly, but after talking about clean, she is some worry.

Now is acted the role of development trend is easy to do. In the market, the lamp only adornment effect is unable to meet demand. Now a lot of lighting used acrylic material, in the condition of power with dry dishcloth, gently rub, is clean. Crystal for K9 crystal lamp, if the adsorption general soot, smoke, smoking is a good idea to also can use dry cloth. For some complex structure, material of special lighting, some lighting stores provide free scrubbing of nursing work.

The choice of lamp act the role ofing also should be suitable for the user. As the modelling is simple, easy to do safety lamp, suitable for the elderly and children. Such as imported acrylic acrylic thicker than general, both hands is not easy to bend, a lifetime will not deformation, yellow. To be both safe and not easy to fall dirt.