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Powerful r&d strength will certainly is a new era LED enterprise

Issuing time:2019-11-15 00:00

Recently, and a production power driven entrepreneur visiting a semiconductor lighting products research institute, the dean of the conversation, he talked about some semiconductor professional master degree graduates in some of the problems existing in the research and development products. Such as: product solutions is very good, but the cost is too high, the lack of market competitiveness. The entrepreneurs also said that they hire technical experts on one condition, that is must be in the town of enterprise more than three years experience, otherwise technology again good also don't have to. Because the ancient town of technical experts must have a condition, that is, cost, understand the market, understand value, it is not easy to research and development of products with market.

I think of some questions in the research and development should pay attention to.

LED lighting companies to gain a foothold in violent market competition, it must have a strong comprehensive strength. And intelligence, innovation is the development trend of LED lighting industry, this means that a strong research and development strength of the enterprise will certainly is a new era of LED.

The current domestic enterprises LED technology research and development are more dispersed, and international business LED products quality, performance, especially in optical design, product leading intelligent control and so on. Against the status quo, the enterprise must strengthen their own research and development team, supply technology, let their products enhance the technical content, only in this way can foothold in the market. But the direction of the research is not a sword of doing. Have seen the research achievements of a street lamp power supply driver, heat dissipation problems solved very well indeed, but large volume, high cost, at the recommended many street lamp producer saw shook his head, unable to mass production. The research and development market value is equal to zero.

Some enterprise does not pay attention to research and development, in an attempt to increase sales through celebrity endorsements or reveal product advantage, but celebrity endorsements and the value of the product can not be completely. Clients' demand for products, the pursuit of cost-effective products price is right, stable performance, companies need to focus on the purpose of the research and development is to ensure that product performance and reliability, and innovative products to meet customers growing demand.

Leds, small and medium enterprises in the early stage, but by buying technology to develop the enterprise, but enterprise scale to large stage, the need to change development strategy, actively invest a lot of resources to enhance research and development strength, to clear the sales growth is short-term behavior, research and development technology improve slowly, but it can create enterprise's core competitive ability, bring the long-term and stable benefit.

Now many enterprise research and development is focused on the intelligent, this is a direction for the future development of the LED. Because human is given priority to with intelligent life in the future. As the LED enterprise, how to use technology research and development to make lamps and lanterns "smart" and "diversity", meet the personalized needs of customers, this is an eternal theme of development.