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Shenzhen LED lights with both opportunities and challenges

Issuing time:2019-11-15 00:00

In 2015, the lighting industry is both opportunities and challenges: on the one hand, government subsidies to cancel, municipal engineering procurement will be more geared to the needs of society, industry development tend to be more rational; The intensified competition in the industry, on the other hand, mergers and acquisitions, cross-border will continue, to be part of the unsustainable enterprise acquisition, bankruptcy, etc way out of the stage lighting industry.

For a lot of shenzhen led lamp belt manufacturer, is the foundation in 2015. Large circulation field will be heated competition, the product price drop speed will slow, but will continue to decline as a whole. In this background, some excellent enterprises will come to the fore in the industry. For all lighting enterprise, should give full consideration to the change of industrial environment, accurate judgment enterprise properties, combined with the characteristics of industries and enterprises situation, win development.

With the development of lighting technology and user personalized demand has increased, intelligent lighting has been from the "concept" into "substantive stage" products, in 2014, many lighting companies issued a intelligent lighting products.

In 2015, will accelerate the development of intelligent lighting products. "Intelligent" and "innovation" is the inevitable trend of the LED lighting industry development, the future of intelligent lighting in addition to the highlight students, should also be light using professional feeling, pay attention to the user's emotional experience, efforts to build a healthy, cheerful, intelligent light environment.

"New era" is the theme of time constant, the LED industry. New technology, new business models and new business opportunities, for all the lighting enterprise, opportunities are equal, the key is to see their own how to grasp.