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Internet conference for the digital signage LED industry brings new thinking and timing

Issuing time:2019-11-15 00:00

In the second world assembly on the Internet in wuzhen, zhejiang province, President xi jinping to attend the congress opening ceremony and delivered a keynote speech. Xi jinping said at the meeting: "on the Internet open cooperation, enriching the connotation of the open, to raise the level of open, build more communication and cooperation platform, create more bilateral interests, cooperation, win-win new luminescent spot."

Both, from country to country and enterprises and between enterprises, at the right time, suitable occasion, follow the "open" "cooperation", must to realize the complementary advantages, realize common development.

Is the past 2015 years, the digital signage industry is in constant with "new technology" and try to run, face recognition, body sense perception, mobile payment, etc of calculation is more rich and colorful intelligent digital signage elements has gradually into our life.

After the Internet congress will bring to digital signage

2015 Shanghai show in data, digital signage terminal number will increase by more than 30% a year. A number that is behind the industry wide recognition of the value of digital signage. From the perspective of the digital signage layout of the past few years, the conventional industry in the application of emerging intelligent devices such as intelligent express ark, virtual fitting room and so on were also obtained the full cover.

Conference on the Internet, the traditional industry with the Internet speed will speed up, will give digital signage a broader space for development, follow the Internet "the wind", the future of the digital signage will be fusion in all kinds of Internet applications, it is not independent, but it is indispensable. Cooperation between industry will be more closely, the future of intelligent digital signage will have a huge market prospects for development, similar to the overall industry segment solution still can produce vast amounts of energy.

Response to deepen opening up and cooperation

The future life is hope in the environment of the screen more use the Internet anytime and anywhere. This service will exist in a "Internet +" formula, so as to reinvent and create our all the products today. And to the user, they don't care about his future is through the access line, wi-fi, mobile networks, or the power cord to the Internet, don't care he is iOS, Android or Windows. Because they face each face can be a screen, through which can be provided by the user and the Internet, enterprise applications and services anytime and anywhere.

Deepen the open cooperation, deep digital signage industry. Break for digital signage is simply the screen and the traditional understanding of advertisement, use more intelligent identification, interactive features, such as to make it more efficient, more intelligent, which is digital signage direction of future efforts.