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China LED lights with industrial lighting applications and market status quo

Issuing time:2019-11-15 00:00

In recent years, the LED lighting market scale expands unceasingly in our country, the product has the world's first manufacturing capability and exports. As incandescent bulbs out acceleration, LED lighting penetration velocity quickened, the outbreak of the market, early signs commercial public intelligent lighting, industrial lighting and become the focus of the application domain at present. And industrial electricity consumption has accounted for over 70% of the electricity in the whole society in our country, saving electricity demand is strong, LED industrial lighting space is huge.

How much, how to do, do is before entering the industrial lighting market segment need to really consider the question

China's LED lighting industrial application market status quo

As the LED lighting in the rising status of mainstream global lighting market, LED lighting market share will rise sharply. In recent years, industrial factory building area of continue to increase, the demand for the application of LED lighting space is gradually enlarged. From McKinsey report, in 2016, the penetration will reach 18% of industrial lighting, will break through 30% in 2020. And industrial electricity consumption in China has accounted for over 70% of the electricity in the whole society, the strong demand of industrial energy conservation, the huge market space also make the LED lighting industry in China is expected to further speed up the permeability.

Look from lighting applications, semiconductor lighting will transition from commercial, industrial applications to the civilian market, and in 2013 and during the next two years, commercial, industrial, public lighting applications is still the mainstream market, into the household lighting market it will take time. And look from the technical level, the photosynthetic efficiency improvement and cost reduction as lighting market dual drive. According to the DOE, cold white light lighting device in 2015 will reach 190 lm/W, up 27% from 2012, the price will be $2 / KLM, 67% lower than in 2012, and 2015 warm white lighting device to reach 162 lm/W, up 43% from 2012, the price will be 2.3 $/ KLM, 70% lower than in 2012. From the point of innovation, technology, products, applications, business model innovation will go hand in hand, future beyond lighting will have attractive prospects, will create a new era of optoelectronics, microelectronics, hand in hand. From the situation in our country, LED lighting high-speed growth under way, with the overall lighting market rebounded in 2013, the growth rate of decline, lighting market penetration or will speed up. CSA predicted that in 2015, LED the overall permeability will break more than 30%.

As we all know, industrial lighting lighting technology request is not high, but to satisfy the demand of the special variety of application environment lighting light source and lamps and lanterns with diverse needs. Therefore, as the huge industrial lighting market is differentiation, LED enterprises to step on the LED industrial lighting right, provide accurate LED lighting products according to the requirements of industrial lighting environment and form a complete set of lighting solutions to rapidly occupation industrial lighting market. Second, in the face of industrial LED lighting products cost-effective lack of advantages over traditional lighting, LED enterprises are large-scale production to improve product technology to reduce product prices, at the same time to the color taking more high-quality product to education of users, enhance the user experience, let users really feel in the field of application in industrial lighting energy saving and environmental protection comprehensive are high cost performance LED lighting products, feeling comfortable light environment at the same time, let the user experience perfect supporting services.