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What reason can produce LED low voltage lamp with death lamp

Issuing time:2019-11-15 00:00

Bring death led low voltage lights lamp refers to the led lamp is not bright, there are several reasons for the death of the lamp roughly analyzed the following three points:

1, the quality problem

Market led lights are of variable quality, production after glue lamp bead light will appear different degrees of death, especially in green and blue and red lamp is the highest rate to death. In the process of welding, solder iron temperature control lamp is bad can lead to death.

2, don't use it wisely

LED due to high workload for the use of current is too large, resulting in the LED light failure, use a bit of time appear dead lamp, can't guarantee the service life of LED lights.

3, other factors

In addition to some of the quality problem of product itself, and in the process of transportation collision extrusion, prompting wire fracture directly led to the use of light.