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What is a LED lamp belt, its emitting light colors have

Issuing time:2019-11-15 00:00

When decorate, general will see LED lights decorate in the listing is with this one, but most owners don't know what this is, in fact this is very normal, one is the contact is not much, because the light is hidden, we only see the light, but can't see it. This is the highest state of lamp - "see the light does not see the light". Lamp tape generally in a dark slot, highlight administrative levels sense, can let a space more artistic conception!

1, about the LED lamp belt

LED lights belt, like tape, plus with the LED light source, as the name implies, is called LED lamp belt, directly after the 220 v mains can bright, with a fixed card, not difficult to use.

LED lamp belt is in recent years, with the development of LED technology and the birth of, in the absence of the LED lamp belt, using a T4 and T5 tube for backlight, but T4 and T5 tube minimum size is 0.3 meters, this means that if there are less than 0.3 meters, will leave a dark space, and LED lamp belt, even light, and can be cut, according to the actual length is very convenient, coupled with the red, green, blue, yellow, white, warm white, so much the color of the light is optional, even 7 colour changes, now basically rarely use T4 and T5 tube, to use LED lights belt!

2, LED lamp with light color

LED lights with light color, in fact, the LED light emitting light colors. As mentioned in the introduction, leds with red, yellow, blue, green, white, warm white light, such as, there are 7 colour change. General household using warm white mostly, because you can create a very warm atmosphere.