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Building Outline
Building Outline
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The definition of an article, about the LED lamp screen and function:

Article LED display screen with strips, hollow out, pervious to light, does not affect the ventilation and lighting products such as form, so also known as the LED screen, LED curtain wall screen, LED curtain transparent screen, hollow out LED screen, LED mesh screen, LED color screen screen, LED screen, LED strip shaped screen, LED display screen, LED Venetian glass curtain wall screen, LED color screen display, LED strip display, etc., are normally used for architectural landmarks and outdoor stage LED rental display, etc., belong to a new generation of high-end LED display display products, currently has a high reputation in the world, as well as in domestic cities landmarks, article LED lights display also plays an important role.

2, article LED lights the screen the characteristics and advantages of the maneuverability of the outdoor landmarks:

1, high TongTouShi design, void rate from 40% to 50% does not affect the ventilation and lighting at the back of the screen, with a strong ability to resist wind, effectively reduce wind load, further reduce the LED display basic structural strength and weight, also can be installed within Yu Dasha glass curtain wall.

Article 2, the weight is light, LED light panel with hollow out design, with the traditional LED display cabinet, there is no fixed body size, with the most popular in the market of P16 outdoor LED light bar screen, for example, is only 20 kg per square meter weight, the weight of which is one 5 of the traditional LED display cabinet, is quite popular with customers.

3, steel structure, the article LED display screen using the principle of module assembly time, do not need any steel structure building, single mode group can complete the dismantling of the big screen, custom size according to the customer, to achieve the most quick installation, article LED lights display adopted the most advanced u-shaped aluminum installation pieces, the greatest extent to ensure the outdoor wall and LED display.

4, no air conditioning, the traditional LED display radiation capability is not enough failure will cause the screen body work, in the article LED lights the screen of the application can avoid similar problems, because of the advantages of permeability, let the natural reason can be avoided, such as wind and can work under the extremely cold weather in Russia and so on.

5, energy conservation, environmental protection, without auxiliary cooling device, no noise, low power consumption, every article LED lights composed of modules are made of environment-friendly materials around connect fully, so it can achieve good self heat dissipation. At the same time, power, control, etc from the luminescent material, need not like traditional LED dedicated PeiJian cooling system.

6, high protection grade: wiredrawing aluminum shell, positive imported silicone potting + article lamp cover, imported high temperature wire, professional waterproof connector, make fully sealed waterproof structure, article LED lights parts can achieve the highest protection grade IP68, especially suitable for the river sea of display screen.

Three, the LED screen to landmark building outdoor media, area has is not a problem

Although has landmark buildings in domestic cities, but at present, such as Beijing wangfujing, Shanghai, guangzhou, guangzhou tower, the bund landmarks such as shenzhen huaqiang north commercial circle is still in the state of consciousness. So very large outdoor LED display can help the possibility of a landmark? Might as well through a series of real case shows that it is well known that LED display area can be customized according to actual requirements, article LED lights LED display screen is suitable for making large area, in the center of chengdu, sichuan province universal Marine park, 4086 square meters, Shanghai sinian tower LED screen, xi 'an wild goose pagoda giant backdrop, Taiwan ximending district 430 square meters, 3300 square meters the guanyinqiao business circle, xi 'an Gao Xinjiu number 711 square meters, xian hao sheng Chinese contemporary art museum, 720 square meters, three hebei handan dragon hall 1612 square meters giant LED display for outdoor project has become a hot topic of the local key projects and 街谈.

LED display for remote viewing and building daylighting degree of creative design, installation, especially outdoor large building, river landscape leisure street, the heart intersection has a wide range of applications. Color LED display, full-color display, bright color, high brightness, can realize the day clear play was deeply loved by advertisers, article LED lights the screen into strips or grid shape, size can be adjusted, and the installation disassembly is very convenient.

Represented by large LED electronic screen large outdoor electronic media into the outdoor construction brought a new pattern for the city and change, a big screen form the strong new city landmarks. To sum up, under the new technology rapid development, urban rapid visualization, image has a far-reaching influence, LED display as a sensory visual products, change people added to the city and the construction is different to imagine and soul.